CreativeLiving4us.com: Healthy Family Fun Activities

Having raised three children and watch them grow into amazing wonderful adults & now raise their own has been a rewarding journey for us. Being able to share activities for family and friends included incorporating healthy food ideas and healthy foods for weight loss. There were many times when we didn’t know how to add flavor and fun into activities when one was ill while the others were so active. Over the course of time we discovered terrific ways to keep everyone happy. Thorough our journey, we’d just begin to play even if no one was ill because we simply loved the quality time spent with each other. We’ve created memories to last a lifetime too.

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We discovered fun family fitness and activities to balance and improve healthy mind, body & spirit for all ages. The family that plays together, stays together. Eating healthy foods, maintaining a diet, exercising and staying fit. Preparing healthy recipes for weight loss for new moms, active families and seniors, including healthy food snacks and adhering to a healthy food plan.


Teaching children not to be afraid to stand up and explore their own sense of creativity is a gift you can share.

Fun activities for family and friends, creative living for a healthier lifestyle for all ages can be accomplished. Play, excercise and eat a healthy diet with your children and other relatives. Engage them in well spent hours of family togetherness. Incorporate friends to play games and join in on the activities.


The key is to know your ‘group’ and their interests & hobbies while choosing the activity. Be creative as this will help keep the little ones interested & they will adapt to the time span. Even the elderly who may have some dimenshia, but are young at heart. Indoor and outdoor activities can be fun playing games (brain games, board games, charades), cooking healthy meals together, reading books and acting them out, doing theatrical plays where everyone has a part, playing intstruments, singing and dancing contests. Excercise the mind and body while eating healthy food and making wise choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Enjoy riding bikes to the nearby park and enjoying a picnic there. Then play active non contact sports. The seniors enjoy sitting on a bench watching and perhaps feeding the birds while they enjoy the sunshine and weather. Enter local ‘walks’ for charities, volunteer as a family group at shelters or soup kitchens. Check out your local senior living facilities or senior citizen centers to read to them as a family activity. Giving back to the community is always rewarding and brings joy and a smile to others in need as well as yours!

Being young at heart, teaching little ones the courage to believe in themselves so they realize they can do whatever they set their mind to and reach their goals. They will cherish the memories of family ties and instill the values and healthy lifestyle they’ve learned along the way. Creating family memories and stories to be passed down generation to generation.